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Truck Body Spare Parts

Discover the extensive variety of truck body spare parts at Lamiro, including bumpers, supports, fenders, wheel arches, steps, lamp attachments, masks, radiator grilles, fairings, corners, spoilers, covers, mirrors, headlights, and much more.

Lamiro has been serving as a trusted supplier of high-quality replacements since 1998.

Importantly, Lamiro does not sell counterfeit or used parts (so-called aftermarket parts). Counterfeit parts may seem appealing due to lower costs, but they often lack the quality and safety standards upheld by authentic components. We prioritize the satisfaction and safety of our customers by offering only reliable spare parts.

Please note that Lamiro is not an official distributor of original truck parts for any brand, and the trademarks, industrial designs and original part numbers featured on the website are solely for informational purposes and do not constitute Lamiro's property. However, if you are seeking high-quality replacements, choose Lamiro – your trusted supplier of spare parts for trucks, tractors, and buses.

If the product you desire is not in our current selection, contact us. We specialize in importing high-quality spare parts upon customer request, prioritizing to shorten the waiting time for components. We encourage transport companies and truck owners eager to optimize costs to get in touch with us.